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Mountain Capital Partners is headquartered in the mountains of Durango, Colorado. We’re industry professionals with deep expertise in strategy, accounting, finance, project management, marketing and information technology. While our backgrounds are different, we all share the same mantra: Skiing First.

To connect with our team, please see our Contact Us page.


James Coleman

Managing Partner

Josh Benson-1.jpg

Josh Benson

Finance Team

Alex Dos Santos-3.jpg

Alex dos Santos

Information Technology Team

Peter Iacona-2.jpg

Pete Iacona

Project Management Team

Tom Pettigrew - WPR-2.jpg

Tom Pettigrew

Project Management Team

Gloryann Linch-4.jpg

Gloryann Linch

Legal & Finance Team

Jessica Snow-1.jpg

Jessica Snow

People Team

Scott Price-4.jpg

Scott Price

Partner & President

Eric Berry-2.jpg

Eric Berry

Marketing Team

Austin Foster-2.jpg

Austin Foster

Finance Team

Shelbi Jacobs-3.jpg

Shelbi Jacobs

Information Technology Team

Julie Price-3.jpg

Julie Price

Accounting Team

Ian Phillippi-1.jpg

Ian Phillippi

People Team

Kaysha 2.jpg

Kaysha Swientek

Executive Assistant

Kuzi Mutsiwegota-1.jpg

Kuzi Mutsiwegota


Matthew Bullard-2.jpg

Matthew Bullard

Information Technology Team

Stacey Glaser - Summer 2021-2.jpg

Stacey Glaser

Marketing & Culture Team

JR Murray Portrait 2023-1.jpg

J.R. Murray

Chief Planning Officer

Scott Leigh-2.jpg

Scott Leigh

Project Management Team

Kyle Sawatzke-1.jpg

Kyle Sawatzke

Marketing Team

Kara Webb-3.jpg

Kara Webb

Legal & Finance Team

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