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Our values show up everyday: they guide how we work, how we think about our guests and each other, and how we grow our company. They’re rooted in deeply personal beliefs and we stick to them, even (especially) when the going gets tough.

Values - Freedom
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Explore Without Boundaries.

It’s no coincidence that our company’s first value statement and our purpose share a common word: Freedom. Freedom is wildly important to us on so many levels. We’re vigilant in spotting barriers to skiing and we can be downright ruthless when it comes to removing those obstacles. We challenge the “how we’ve always done things” mentality and suggest better approaches. Some have called those ideas too different, too ambitious, too crazy - like giving every child ages 12 and younger a FREE, no-strings-attached season pass that’s valid everyday at each of our ski areas and bike parks. Some say decisions like these take nerve. We simply say they mean freedom.

Values - Happiness
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Live in The Moment Doing What You Love.

“Are you having fun?” It’s a question we ask ourselves and of each other: we love what we do and we want to encourage everyone to do the same! We understand that life is short and everyone - regardless of title or tenure - brings exceptional talent to this company and our world. With that in mind, we double down on making sure we’re doing the thing we love (and if we ever find ourselves not having a good time, we fix it.)

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Discover What’s Important and Make a Difference.

Purpose touches the heartbeat of our organization. James H. Coleman Senior, our managing partner’s father, was infamous for inspiring others to understand, pursue and achieve their life’s purpose. Thanks to his example, we understand that this business we’re lucky enough to be in actually transcends skiing. We aspire to make a positive impact on others both inside and outside of our company while encouraging others to do the same. Mr. Coleman may be gone, but his imprint of purpose still remains constant in the halls of our company and the lives of its people.

Values - Purpose
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