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If a company’s culture defines the personality of its environment, we can safely tell you this: our culture is unmistakable. Our five culture statements spell out not only how we operate as a business but how we approach life.

Family Matters. It Guides Everything We Do.

Our organization has deep roots to family, from our beginnings as a small, family-run business to working with family-owned resorts and serving countless families who visit our properties every year. We understand the importance of family in our own life and in the lives of others, and we make it a priority to model and encourage that commitment.

Lead by Example. Serve. Make Others Better.

We model the behavior we want to see in our team, and we inspire others with our thirst for excellence. Because we know that our day-to-day transcends skiing, we make time to help others, both inside and outside our company.

Be Curious. Be Restless. Climb Your Mountain.

We learn rapidly, enthusiastically and tenaciously. We love a good challenge, and we have a saying around here: Fail Fast & Fail Forward. We start with an idea, test it, quickly identify what isn’t working, stop doing it, learn from the failure, change our attempt and try it again - never wavering to our commitment to the end goal. We’re comfortable with operating outside our lane to help others and we love to celebrate our successes (while still never being complacent in our quest for improvement).

Work Hard. Be There for Your Team. Go Ski.

Everyday we set out to accomplish amazing amounts of important, “move the needle” work. We show up consistently and our teams can rely on each other. We know when to put team priorities over our own, and we also know when to put skis on before anything else (that’s why we’re in this business after all: our love for skiing!)

Winning is Fun. Make it Happen.

We. Love. To. Win. Whether we’re meeting (and beating!) corporate goals or playing in our office’s annual cornhole tournament, we’re here to win. We’re big on advocating for wins, finding wins and celebrating them, too. While we’re at it, we have a good time - because winning really is fun! So we find ways to make it happen.

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